Integrated Massage

60/75/90/120 minute massage treatment (£45, £55, £65, £75,)

This holistic treatment draws upon all the different massage styles and traditions to give you a wonderful massage.

Delicious aromatherapy oil blends are used to enhance the treatment and nurture the soul.

Deep tissue, medical massage and trigger point therapy techniques are used to release areas of tightness and tension. Myofascial release and Thai massage techniques are incorporated to open and stretch the body as a whole.

Energy balancing and Reike healing is offered to soothe emotions, rejuvenate energy and ease energetic blockages that may be the root cause of tension experienced within the body.

Yoga relaxations, visualisations and breathing techniques may also combined in this treatment to aid relaxation and redirect the mind.


Natasha’s highly professional approach and skilled manipulation make her a fabulous masseuse. As a regular client for over three years, she has used her knowledge of muscular-skeletal anatomy, and the physiology and mechanics of movement in my treatment to great effect. I have received massage to give to me deep relaxation, and strong massage for relief from tension knots, injury, and misalignment. I have also had sessions of very gentle lymphatic drainage. Natasha’s manner is personable, sensitive and non-judgemental. She has successfully supported my journey of healing after a major operation, and in conjunction with a long course of chiropractic treatment. Natasha also offers aromatherapy as an integral part of her treatments. She always uses her own rich handmade oil mixes, which she tailors for each client, purpose, mood and energy level. She is trustworthy, and has high standards of cleanliness and hygiene in her practise habits, and I recommend her wholeheartedly.
Sarah, Canterbury