Integrated Massage

60/75/90/120 minute massage treatment (£45, £55, £65, £75,)

This holistic treatment draws upon all the different massage styles and traditions to give you a wonderful massage.

Delicious aromatherapy oil blends are used to enhance the treatment and nurture the soul.

Deep tissue, medical massage and trigger point therapy techniques are used to release areas of tightness and tension. Myofascial release and Thai massage techniques are incorporated to open and stretch the body as a whole.

Energy balancing and Reike healing is offered to soothe emotions, rejuvenate energy and ease energetic blockages that may be the root cause of tension experienced within the body.

Yoga relaxations, visualisations and breathing techniques may also combined in this treatment to aid relaxation and redirect the mind.


I simply can’t imagine life without Natasha! Before I met her, my neck was always tight and tense, mainly due to sitting at a computer too long, being stuck in endless traffic jams on the M25 and getting over-stressed with juggling work and home life. At one point it was so bad I couldn’t even look round to reverse the car! Now I have regular therapeutic massage treatments with Natasha which means I have fewer headaches, better posture and improved flexibility in my neck and back. That’s why I highly recommend you book an appointment with Natasha so you can enjoy the benefits of her treatments yourself.
Cathy, Chartham