Swedish Massage

60, 75, 90 minute treatments (£45, £55, £65).

Swedish massage is a full body treatment that is a vigorous form of massage which relaxes the mind and the body.

It uses six main massage techniques to increase circulation which encourages the elimination of waste products and relieves stiff joints, tight muscles, fascia and ligaments.

Swedish massage is a popular choice for people who want an invigorating full body treatment. Swedish massage is less targeted than deep tissue/medical massage but is a great way to warm up and prepare the body for sporting activities or following exercise to redistribute lactic acids and the byproducts of exercise to maximize comfort.

In treatments of longer duration some targeted deep tissue and  massage techniques may be included to relieve localised tension or inflammation.


I tend to get really stiff shoulders and carry a lot of tension in my neck. My occupation is very physical and I need to be on form. Natasha’s deep yet relaxing massage treatments keep me on the move- quite literally.
Stuart, Margate