Thai Table massage

60, 75, 90 minute treatments (£45, £55, £65).

Thai Table massage is a special adaptation of traditional Thai massage techniques for the clinic setting.

It is a full body treatment comprising acupressure techniques, deep stretching, utilising rhythmic flowing movements with myofascial release techniques.

Thai massage is based upon the concept that if you release energy blockages through the ‘sen’ lines (similar to ‘chi’ energy lines within Acupuncture or ‘nadis’ with Ayurvedia) then you can optimise health and wellbeing.

The Thai massage treatment lasts for 60 – 90 minutes and the client remains clothed throughout. Thai massage is a relaxing treatment that reduces tension, especially for those with very well developed musculature.


I have spent years looking for a therapist like Natasha. She manipulates all of my tightness away with care and skill. I have a 90 minute treatment fortnightly that is hugely beneficial.
Graham, Maidstone